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Why Osiadan Roof Tiles?

Our roof tiles are specially formulated with acrylic coating. The main benefit of this feature
in our roof tile is protection against efflorescence a common problem experienced with new
concrete products but ignored by most people in the industry.
Our products can be purchased through several local point of sales through our partners.
You can also call or email the sales department for a quote on any of our products. We also
work through third parties who provide the transportation needs of our valued customers.
Our tiles offer longterm durability and
hence would not require patching,
resealing, recoating, and possible
replacement. They are maintainace free
Products we specialize in
Osiadan tiles are not only specified for its
attractiveness but also for the wide range
of shape and colors available to choose
from to suit customer preferences.
Our prices are extremely economic to use
which reduces the cost of your building.
Our roof tiles are produced using the
latest equipment; they offer accuracy and
are simply second to none.
Osiadan tiles are non-combustible and
ensure safety to the homeowner to obtain
lower insurance premium
The design and characteristics of our tile
make it both easy and quick to install and
adds to the beauty of your property
The air space beneath a tile acts as a
very good insulation property
Our tiles are produced with the latest
technology, strong in density and tested
by our quality control experts to ensure
Osiadan Roof Tiles are made to International Standards and are produced in different
profiles. We have the resources and expertise to ensure that every client is offered a full and
professional technical advice and assistance for their projects.